New York Times: 7 Essential Money Questions Sure to Start a Conversation

Jonathan, the blogger from My Money Blog posted an article from the New York Times entitled 7 Essential Money Questions Sure to Start a Conversation and answered the questions on his blog. Ron Lieber, who wrote that New York Times article said that he found these seven queries tended “to stop people cold and get […]

Successfully Launch Into Adulthood

A few of my co-workers have mentioned that they are postponing their retirements so they can “help out” their adult children or soon to be adult children. I think it’s great when a parent can lend a helping hand to their children as they transition to being an adult, although teaching them financial skills is […]

“It’s Supposed to be That Expensive!”

A higher priced product does not necessarily mean a better quality product. While it is true sometimes, often times, we pay a higher price only because we perceive something to be a higher quality. Other times we pay for higher priced items because we like that brand and are conscious of image. Here are a […]