Who’s Worse with Their Finances: Gen X or Millennials?

This is a guest post from Anum Yoon who blogs at Current on Currency. It’s no secret most Americans need to be better at handling their finances, as many people are living in debt with little savings. Being older in age, as it turns out, has little to do with how a person handles their finances. A study revealed Millennials (those under 33) are actually better equipped to make financial decisions than Gen Xers (34-54 years old), but both demographics face different challenges. Here are some of the most telling findings from the Financial Finesse’s 2014 generational research report. MillennialsContinue Reading »

Live Like a College Student

To many recent college grads, the often repeated financial advice is to continue to live like a college student. It makes sense, since a recent college grad is generally used to living a more frugal life. If you continue to live without inflating your lifestyle, you’ll save a good amount of money. However, even back when I was in college, many college students weren’t living like college students. Many took extra student loans and used credit cards to buy nice clothes, go drinking, go on spring break vacations and even buy fancy expensive cars. Apparently, they figured that once theyContinue Reading »

Going from Ordinary to Extraordinary

“I love it when a plan comes together” – Hannibal Smith from the A-Team April is Financial Literacy Awareness Month, and Shannon from The Heavy Purse has invited many wonderful personal finance bloggers to write about “Getting Financial Real”. I am so excited that she asked me as well as many other wonderful bloggers to participate this Financial Literacy Awareness Carnival. Please check out Shannon’s post and the other posts by personal finance bloggers by clicking here. I’m often amazed and inspired when I read about people who completely turned their lives around. They go from being deep in debt,Continue Reading »

Does What School you go to Determine What You Can Achieve?

As it is spring, many of my co-workers’ children are anxiously awaiting acceptance letters from the colleges they applied to. The biggest worries I hear from the parents is the costs. And why wouldn’t it be? College tuition has skyrocketed , while student loan debt has outpaced other forms of debt. My son is not even two yet, but I’m a bit of a planner so I wonder what the costs will be for my son in about 16 years. With the rate tuition has been increasing, college will not be affordable for the majority of people. I have aContinue Reading »

The Rumors of the Death of the “Millionaire Next Door” Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

The Millionaire Next Door is one of those books which truly inspired and influenced me after reading it right out of college. Before reading it, if you were to ask me to describe a millionaire, I’d describe someone who drives a fancy luxury car or flashy sports car. I would imagine that this millionaire would live in a mansion, have name-brand clothes, lots of jewelry, they would only be spotted in the trendiest clubs and take lavish vacations to exotic locales. This is how the media portrays the rich. They are the ones with the outward signs of the trappingsContinue Reading »