Investing: So Easy A Dead Person Can Do It.

In a previous post, I said that when it comes to investing, it is better to be lazy and cheap. More specifically, I argued that low cost index funds worked best and that you should have a “hands off” approach, ignoring the daily ups and downs of the stock market. Apparently, I didn’t go far […]

I Bought an Out-of-State Investment Property

Living in New York City, I always thought it would be hard to buy a house because they are so expensive, so instead we purchased a co-op which is much more affordable. I was always interested in real estate investing, but I used to immediately think that it would be IMPOSSIBLE! I couldn’t even afford […]

Make a Few Extra Dollars with No Extra Effort

In my younger days when I had much more time on my hands, I’d often find different things to do to make a few extra bucks. I would participate in medical studies (mostly psychological ones), focus groups, did online surveys, and graded papers. Now with a family, my time is pretty limited and I’m not […]

In Defense of the Latte Factor

The first personal finance book I read after graduating college was The Automatic Millionaire by David Bach. It was an eye-opening book and I loved the idea that you could “automatically” become a millionaire by paying yourself first and investing in a diverse portfolio of low-cost index funds. Another concept that was popularized by Bach […]