Small Baby, Small Apartment, Small Budget

Those of us living in NYC are used to living in tight spaces. While many who live in a house may have a family room, a living room, a dining room, and maybe a child’s playroom, a lot of us New Yorkers have a living room/dining room/kitchen combo (add bedroom if it’s a studio apartment). My wife and I live in a one bedroom apartment which is approximately 600 square feet, and we have a 9 month old baby. It’s still doable with a little one. His stuff does take up room, but it’s not as bad as you mayContinue Reading »

My Journey to Financial Literacy

A lot of people get the “Aha” moment with their finances when they’ve hit rock bottom. They’ve declared bankruptcy, their bills are up to their eyeballs or they see the amount of debt that they’ve accumulated. Some people see their parents struggle with finances and vow never to go through that. Some get the “aha” moment and see the light after going to a financial seminar or after reading a book from a financial guru. I don’t have an interesting story about an “Aha” moment, because I don’t think I ever had one. Rather than one moment which instantly changedContinue Reading »

Is it REALLY Okay to Take Paternity Leave?

According to a Forbes article, dads don’t take much time off from work after the birth of a child. About 75% without paternity leave take a week or less off, and 16% are unable to take any days off. About 13% of employers offer paternity leave, but even for dads who work for such companies, many do not take it or don’t take the full allotment of days. There has been a bit of an uproar recently in the New York sports media world. Daniel Murphy, a baseball player for the Mets, took 3 days of paternity leave which isContinue Reading »

What’s Your Gift Giving Policy?

When I was at the stage in my life where all my friends were getting married, the inevitable dilemma that came up was, “How much do I give?” Now that I’ve advanced to the next stage where most of my friends are married, I figured I didn’t have to worry about it anymore. I’m now in the stage where my friends are having babies. Getting gifts for babies/kids should be relatively easy. I can get them a toy or if the parents gave the option, contribute to the child’s college savings plan. But then a crazy thing happened. Kids’ birthdayContinue Reading »

What’s an Extra Million Dollars or Two?

I listen to a lot of sports radio on my drive to work, and recently all the talk is about whether Carmelo Anthony of the Knicks will re-sign with them or leave. (Yes, I am a long suffering Knicks fan hoping Phil Jackson can turn this sinking ship around). They argue that Carmelo very likely will stay because the Knicks can offer him $22 million a year versus $17 million that other teams can offer him. So for $5 million dollars extra, there is no reason not to stay. Well, for most players, their stated goal is to WIN. IfContinue Reading »