Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Financial Freedom

Back in May, I went to Florida with my wife and our then almost 2 year old son. We just wanted to get away for a few days for some rest and relaxation, plus, we wanted to take advantage of not having to pay for our son’s airfare before he turned two. It was a little difficult for us New Yorkers to get accustomed to the change of pace, as we’re used to rushing around everywhere. One evening when we went out to dinner, my wife was grabbing some stuff from the car and was blocking a gentleman’s path toContinue Reading »

Frugal Dating Guide

Recently, I was chatting with a friend about the virtues of frugality and “living rich cheaply.” He responded, “it’s a lot easier for you to be frugal. You’re married. It’s expensive when you’re dating!” My friend has a point. I do remember those days as a single guy and it’s true that it isn’t easy being frugal when you’re dating…especially when you live in NYC. But, I think it’s still possible to do it frugally. Of course, I’m probably the last person you want to take dating advice from, so take it for what it’s worth. Or scroll down toContinue Reading »

I’m Frugal…Now What?

In my post Live Like a College Student, I encouraged new grads to continue being frugal and to save money. But what if you’re already frugal? I know a few friends and relatives in their 20s who aren’t living the high life and have a healthy savings rate, but unfortunately, the money is sitting idly in a bank account. So what should they be doing with their money instead? Invest it! “But I’m scared of the stock market,” you say Rather than leaving a large amount of your savings in a bank account, make your money work for you. ManyContinue Reading »

Who’s Worse with Their Finances: Gen X or Millennials?

This is a guest post from Anum Yoon who blogs at Current on Currency. It’s no secret most Americans need to be better at handling their finances, as many people are living in debt with little savings. Being older in age, as it turns out, has little to do with how a person handles their finances. A study revealed Millennials (those under 33) are actually better equipped to make financial decisions than Gen Xers (34-54 years old), but both demographics face different challenges. Here are some of the most telling findings from the Financial Finesse’s 2014 generational research report. MillennialsContinue Reading »

Live Like a College Student

To many recent college grads, the often repeated financial advice is to continue to live like a college student. It makes sense, since a recent college grad is generally used to living a more frugal life. If you continue to live without inflating your lifestyle, you’ll save a good amount of money. However, even back when I was in college, many college students weren’t living like college students. Many took extra student loans and used credit cards to buy nice clothes, go drinking, go on spring break vacations and even buy fancy expensive cars. Apparently, they figured that once theyContinue Reading »