Should I Renew My AAA Membership?

A few days ago, I received a letter in the mail from AAA asking me if I want to renew my membership. I only spend $40 a year on it, but I’m not sure if its really worth it to keep it. In the 7 years that I’ve been a member, I’ve only had to call them twice. Here’s a recap of those instances: It was a week before my wedding, and I was driving home from work, intending to stop by a vendor to make a payment. I had just merged on to the highway when my engine justContinue Reading »

The Top Ways Your Home is Costing You Money

The following is a guest post by Chad Dannecker Repairs and maintenance are an inevitable part of home ownership. Putting off certain repairs can be costly to do, because they could turn into bigger repairs later or cause you to waste precious energy. Here are the top five ways your house could be costing you money, along with solutions on how to rectify these problems so they do not become bigger ones later on 1. Improper caulking This is a relatively simple job, but one that is nevertheless often overlooked. After time, old caulking can break down and no longerContinue Reading »

Our “Throw it Away” Society

I was having dinner with my family at a restaurant last week when I saw a couple sitting next to us who were almost finished with their meal. After the couple asked for the check, the waitress asked if they wanted to take their meal to go (there was a good amount of food left), and the couple said “no.” What?! I thought to myself! The food was perfectly good, and they could have brought it for lunch the next day or had it for dinner. I wanted to ask them if they knew there were starving children who wouldContinue Reading »

The Price of Inattention: 3 Ways You Can Lose Your Money without Noticing It

This is a guest post by Frank McCourt. For some, being obsessive about finances is nearly a pastime. Adjusting and readjusting monthly budgets, relying on inexpensive DIY solutions, and finding new ways to remain sustainable without spending is a thrilling pursuit that fuels one of the most massive blogging niches on the internet – personal finance. However, finding pleasure in taking special attention to one’s finances is not just a blogger’s hobby. There are several ways that inattention can cost your finances dearly, and these are just three that you can avoid by simply paying attention to the numbers. PayContinue Reading »

Is it Possible to Raise a Family in NYC?

Of course it is! Many families in different income ranges are doing it everyday. But I ask this question because I have a few friends who have decided to move out of NYC after having kids. Some couples we know who haven’t had children yet are already planning to leave once they do have them. The reasons usually cited are the cost of living, being closer to family, and the blanket statement that NYC is a “terrible place to raise children.” Granted, most of these families are NYC transplants and have family in other parts of the country. I mentionedContinue Reading »