Is There a Penalty For Contributing to a 529 Plan?

A little over three years ago when I got the wonderful news that my wife and I were expecting, I already started thinking about college. Yea I’m a planner. You’ve got to start planning early right? I opened a 529 plan without much thought. That’s what everyone does to save for their child’s college tuition […]

What’s Wrong with Cash Gifts?

My friend asked me for advice when his daughter’s first birthday was coming up. He said that he wanted to tell people that he’d rather have cash rather than gifts since his daughter already had a ton of toys. He has a big family and they have showered her with enough toys. Plus, he lives […]

Are Millennials Sweating Student Loan Debt?

This is a guest post and infographic. Check out my comments at the end and leave a comment of your own. Education costs are already climbing near record setting levels, but according to a new review by Credit Sesame, millennials aren’t going to be searching for other options, demonstrating the reward down the line is […]

A Gift Better Than Money: Financial Literacy

In my last post, I talked about a conversation with co-workers regarding life insurance and one co-worker said that he preferred a whole life insurance policy because he wanted to leave a legacy to his children. My co-worker is not great with his finances and lives paycheck to paycheck, so I can see why he […]