Consumers Beware

Merchants are always trying to separate you and your money. Sometimes they try to lure you in with sales, even though the sale prices aren’t really that great. And sometimes they use other sneaky and under-handed tactics to make a bad deal look like a good one. Here are a few examples: Deferred Interest My friend recently bought a new house and told me that he and his wife bought new furniture. The furniture store offered a financing option which stated that it would be “0% interest for one year.” I’m all for taking advantage of 0% interest. When IContinue Reading »

Are Millennials Sweating Student Loan Debt?

This is a guest post and infographic. Check out my comments at the end and leave a comment of your own. Education costs are already climbing near record setting levels, but according to a new review by Credit Sesame, millennials aren’t going to be searching for other options, demonstrating the reward down the line is worth the cost. While the price of university has long been going through the roof, the millennials, who were born between 1981 and 2004, are still looking towards going to college and believe it produces more value than in the past, an opinion that theContinue Reading »

A Gift Better Than Money: Financial Literacy

In my last post, I talked about a conversation with co-workers regarding life insurance and one co-worker said that he preferred a whole life insurance policy because he wanted to leave a legacy to his children. My co-worker is not great with his finances and lives paycheck to paycheck, so I can see why he thinks that leaving a large sum of money would have life changing effects. Another co-worker said that she and her husband were ready to retire, but continue to work because they want to make sure they have enough to pay for their kids’ college tuitionContinue Reading »

Life Insurance and Credit Card Debt Discussion with Co-Workers

My employer had an insurance agent give a presentation regarding life insurance and the agent gave out his business card to those who were interested in more information afterward. He was of course selling whole life insurance. I would write a post about the differences about term life insurance versus whole life insurance but there are much more qualified people than me to discuss this topic. To read a good explanation of the difference between the two, check out this post on Wise Dollar. Basically, whole life insurance will cover you for your whole life, hence the name, whereas termContinue Reading »

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Financial Freedom

Back in May, I went to Florida with my wife and our then almost 2 year old son. We just wanted to get away for a few days for some rest and relaxation, plus, we wanted to take advantage of not having to pay for our son’s airfare before he turned two. It was a little difficult for us New Yorkers to get accustomed to the change of pace, as we’re used to rushing around everywhere. One evening when we went out to dinner, my wife was grabbing some stuff from the car and was blocking a gentleman’s path toContinue Reading »