“It’s Supposed to be That Expensive!”

A higher priced product does not necessarily mean a better quality product. While it is true sometimes, often times, we pay a higher price only because we perceive something to be a higher quality. Other times we pay for higher priced items because we like that brand and are conscious of image. Here are a […]

Mind-blowing Ideas Found Reading Blogs

Even before I started my own blog, I was a blog reading addict (mostly personal finance blogs). I’ve learned so many great things and gotten so many ideas from reading blogs, which include ideas that the main stream media often don’t talk about. I was tired of reading the recycled articles about making a budget […]

The Importance of Having In-Demand Skills AND “F-You” Money

Last weekend, I was picking up a cake for my son’s third birthday party at a very busy bakery. I was standing near the back of the bakery while one of the employees was boxing up the cake and I overheard a conversation between another employee and the manager. As the employee was cleaning some […]

Investing: So Easy A Dead Person Can Do It.

In a previous post, I said that when it comes to investing, it is better to be lazy and cheap. More specifically, I argued that low cost index funds worked best and that you should have a “hands off” approach, ignoring the daily ups and downs of the stock market. Apparently, I didn’t go far […]