How Exciting is Your City?

The 10 Most Exciting Places In New York By Movoto Real Estate Many will probably proclaim that New York City is the most exciting city in the U.S…scratch that…the world! I haven’t been to every city in the entire world, but I have a good feeling NYC ise near the top if not the top. From nightlife, restaurants to Broadway shows and sporting events, I think this city has pretty much got it all when it comes to “excitement.” No doubt it is an expensive city, but that’s probably because there’s no shortage in demand to come here. In aContinue Reading »

The Lemonade Stand Book Review and iPad Mini Giveaway!

My friend Shannon, who blogs at the Heavy Purse, wrote a fun and entertaining children’s book which teaches kids about saving, earning and managing their money. If you don’t know Shannon and read her blog, you really should…especially if you have kids. Shannon, a certified financial planner with two young daughters, writes many informative and inspiring posts on her blog about raising financially confident kids. Raising financially confident children is a big goal in my life, and I have to say that in my opinion, Shannon is the authority on this topic. I was so excited to read her newContinue Reading »

4 Tips to Properly Price a Purchase Offer

The following is a guest post by Tali Wee of Zillow. I think this is a very interesting topic and the information in this post is very informative. As someone who is in the midst of the home buying process, it is also a very timely post. I definitely thought one of the most important things to do when buying a home was to properly price a purchase offer and determining the fair market value. It was relatively easy to evaluate comparable sales as many co-op apartments have the same layout, gross living area, amenities, and those which were inContinue Reading »

Financial Decisions: Emotion vs Logic

A friend of mine works in the finance industry and teaches a financial literacy course for the church that he attends. I decided to attend the class with my wife. I went partly because I just enjoy listening and talking about personal finance (surprise surprise!), but also because I wanted my wife to go to the class. Unlike me, she isn’t all that interested in personal finance topics. She only reads my riveting personal finance posts when I ask her too! One of the topics taught at the class was about paying down debt, and my friend advocated Dave Ramsey’sContinue Reading »

Why Aren’t Nerds Popular?

Growing up with parents who focused on education, I did pretty well in school. I was proud of myself, my parents were proud and so were my teachers. Unfortunately, I remember vividly one time when my academic prowess was frowned upon. I started middle school which was in a different school with different students. A few months into the school year, my pre-algebra teacher announced that I received a score of 100 on three consecutive exams. I guess I should have been proud, but I didn’t really like the spotlight. Then I heard some classmates whisper, “nerd” and “geek” inContinue Reading »