If I can cook, so can you!

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I always found cooking to be a little intimidating and thought that it would be complicated. The extent of my cooking skills were frying an egg and making Ramen noodles. I mostly bought frozen or prepackaged foods and microwaved them. However, after getting married, I would help my wife in the kitchen. I generally get home before her, so I attempted cooking on my own. That’s when I discovered that it wasn’t rocket science. Now, I’m no Chef Ramsey but I can cook a meal and I think it comes out pretty tasty. Its really as simple as following the recipe. After a few times of trial and error, you’ll get the hang of it. I promise.

Kraft recipes has many easy to make recipes and there’s an option to search for ingredients you already have in your pantry and refrigerator and it will come up with a meal you can cook.

Another great blog to check out for affordable and easy to make meals is 5dollardinners.

One thing that I realized after I started cooking my own meals was the cost. I can make a plate of spaghetti for under $1.50, but it would cost me $8 to $12 if I were to order it at a restaurant. I just made this Chicken with Alfredo sauce for lunch to bring to work (pictured below). I used chicken thighs, bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms.


Chicken thighs $1.49 a pound
Bell Peppers $1.19 a pound
Alfredo sauce $1.49
A package of Mushrooms $1.49 (I used ¼ of it, so $0.40)
Onions $0.59 a pound (I used ½ of it, so $.30)
Total $4.87 for 3 servings

Not only is cooking better for your wallet, its better for your health.

What low cost meals do you like to make? Leave us your recipe.

8 thoughts on “If I can cook, so can you!

  1. Greg@Thriftgenuity

    I have gone the opposite way. Now that I am married, I never cook. I don’t think my wife thinks I can. You are absolutely right about how much you can save by making dinner at home rather than going out. We try our best to stay in on weekends and never eat out on weekdays.

  2. livingrichcheaply@gmail.com Post author

    Thanks for your comment Greg! Good for you…I’ll have to learn your tips on getting out of cooking! haha

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