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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Groupon, but the opinions expressed are my own.

I don’t always go shopping. But when I do, I always use shopping portals, discounted gift cards and coupon codes. I told a friend recently about a set of presidential blocks that was given as a gift to my son when he turned one. He found them online and said, “hey, that looks pretty cool, I’ll get that for my kid too.” He proceeded to add the item to his cart and was about to click “buy now,” when I practically jumped on top of the keyboard to prevent this from happening. “Hey man, you didn’t look for a coupon code!” I yelled.

I recently found out that Groupon now has a section called Groupon coupons. I’m a fan of Groupon as they made it okay to use coupons. Coupons were no longer reserved for an old granny clipping them from the Sunday papers. Even young millennials would use Groupon deals. I’ve used Groupon for discounted restaurant meals, spa visits, various entertainment activities and even discounted electronics and gifts (Groupon Goods). Groupon coupons offer a list of coupon codes that can be used online as well as coupons that can be printed out to be used at the store.

Whenever I purchase almost anything, I will look for a coupon. It only takes a few seconds to save some money. I used to just Google whatever store I planned to shop at and the word “coupon” or “discount” to find a coupon code or a coupon to print out. It worked with varying levels of success and sometimes some coupon codes just didn’t work. With Groupon, at least it is an established company so Groupon Coupons will be the first stop I make when looking for a discount.

There are many merchants available that offer coupons and discounts such as Amazon, eBay, Home Depot, Hotwire, Kohls, and many more.

Do you use coupons at stores or coupon codes when you shop online?

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    1. Post author

      Yea I have the app and scored some good deals from them. It might be a little dangerous if I wasn’t a disciplined spender! =)


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