It’s Okay to Drive a Minivan!

Recently, two of my co-workers were discussing their growing families and the need to buy a bigger vehicle. They discussed various SUVs with third-row seating to accommodate their needs. When the idea of a minivan entered the conversation, both immediately responded unequivocally, “I could NEVER drive a minivan.” I have a friend who just had […]

The Secret Recipe to an Extremely Early Retirement

Working in government, I have the benefit of a pension which makes it possible for many employees to retire at around age 55. The mainstream media always talks about how it’s impossible to retire so I counted my lucky stars that I would not only be able to retire, but retire at an early age. […]

Are you aware of some lifestyle changes that save money?

Contributed by Amy Nickson There are endless things which you have to buy daily- starting from the morning coffee to gasoline on the way back home. Yes, everyday life becomes expensive. But, the truth is, we’re making it expensive every day. How? Some people can’t imagine their life without a car. Some people feel bad […]

How Will Your Children Pay For College?

Paying for a child to go to college or at least helping to pay a substantial portion of the tuition is the goal of many parents. While I’ve mentioned that some of my co-workers seem to go to far in financially supporting their adult children rather than teaching them to be independent and financially literate, […]