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Guest Post on The Frugal Farmer

credit: freedigitalphotos.net by Stuart Miles

credit: freedigitalphotos.net by Stuart Miles

I have a guest post featured on The Frugal Farmer today which talks about how to invest in real estate. Here is an excerpt of the post, please click on over to read the full post!

There is an allure to making it rich investing in real estate. There are late night infomercials telling you they can teach you to build a real estate empire. There are shows about making big bucks flipping houses. Real estate investing is NOT a get rich quick scheme, but it is a great way to build wealth. If done right, investing in real estate has many benefits including having monthly cash flow, tax benefits, having your tenants’ rent check pay the mortgage, leverage and appreciation. There are many ways to invest in real estate but for purposes of this post, I am going to focus on buy and hold real estate investing.

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Are you aware of some lifestyle changes that save money?

credit: freedigitalphotos.net

credit: freedigitalphotos.net

Contributed by Amy Nickson

There are endless things which you have to buy daily- starting from the morning coffee to gasoline on the way back home.

Yes, everyday life becomes expensive. But, the truth is, we’re making it expensive every day.


Some people can’t imagine their life without a car. Some people feel bad without wearing latest fashion clothes. Some even hate generic brands. Due to these expensive habits, many people fail to save money at the end of the month. They’re living paycheck to paycheck, which is a dangerous loophole for the savings goal.

However, to save money, you have to make a lifestyle change. In turn, it’ll create a good impact on your savings goal.

What kind of changes do you need to make in daily life? Here you go:

1. Stick to one car

As per the AAA report 2014, Americans spend an average of $8,876 to own and maintain a car every year. If you have multiple cars in your garage, then just think how much money you can save by sticking with one car or having no car.

Taking public transportation, cycling, walking – all help to save money and also improve your fitness.

If you don’t think you can live without a car, then use it less to see significant savings.

Remember, the maintenance cost will be less if you use your vehicle less frequently; so you’re saving money on costly maintenance.

2. Live on less

You don’t require more to live happily. Consider a recheck on your shopping list.

For example:

You might be able to spend the whole winter wearing the old booty. Your spouse doesn’t complain wearing an almost new jacket that you bought several years back and forgot.

Before buying an expensive piece of furniture, try to organize your things, in a better way, in your old furniture, to find your stuff more conveniently.

Just reinvent your closet and house to find out more reasons to live with stuff that you already have.

3. Grow your own and eat homemade

Food costs are high, and it becomes double when you eat at restaurants. Try to cut down food costs to save more money.

Do you have a large front yard? If yes, start growing vegetables and raising chickens.

You’ll be surprised how good they are compared to those expensive frozen items. Grow seasonal items and also buy from the local market to eat good food without spending a lot.

Restaurant food is costly, which may be good in taste but bad for your health. So, by growing and cooking on your own, you can save a lot and can also improve your health.

4. Consider stockpiling

Stockpiling is a good way to save money on everyday needs. You need to buy items that you need most in bulk. Try to buy in large quantities when items are offered at a discount. Thus, you’ll be able to save some extra money.

Buying in bulk or stockpiling also helps to save gasoline on a daily basis. You need not drive every day to visit the grocery store. So, from now on, try to practice stockpiling to save some extra bucks.

5. Keep a splurge fund

Don’t forget to keep a splurge fund in your budgeting plan. Set aside a small amount for that every month. Use the money from the splurge account to buy items that you want. Thus, you’ll be able to put down the urge of drawing money from the savings account.

6. Take advantage of automated savings

Automation is the smartest way to manage money because it doesn’t require human effort. Include automated savings in your strategies. Allocate money and automate your bills, mortgage payments, savings account, and investments.

Every month as you get paid, you’ll know that a significant amount of money is going to the particular account where you want it to.

7. Go generic

You don’t have to buy name brand products. Going generic can save a lot of money. Go generic for items like food, clothes, toiletries, school supplies, pet supplies, etc. You’ll hardly notice the difference

8. Ditch your morning latte

Remember, saving a small amount over a long time can create significant savings. Ditching the morning latte can also help you save money in the long run.

The calculation is easy to understand.

Ditching latte that costs $4 helps to save 30*4= $120 in a month. So, just think how much you can save in a year.

Break your habit of buying expensive coffee from Starbucks. Buy a good coffee maker and make your own.

9. Visit only your bank’s ATM

Do you know that consumers are spending an average of $4.35 every time they use an out-of-network ATM?

Maybe due to the laziness and lack of awareness, they’re wasting money consistently. Make sure you’re not one of them.

Use only your bank’s ATM to value your hard-earned dollars.

Final thoughts

See, the idea is simple; spend less to save more. At first, it’ll be difficult for you. But, if you determine to see the changes in your saving goal, put your effort with a determination to get the positive result. As I said earlier, living a happy life doesn’t require many things. You still find many things to get pleasure in life.

Author bio: Amy Nickson is a web enthusiast. She shares her expertise through her crisp and well-researched articles based on money management, money saving ideas and so on. She is associated with Oak view law group and contribute articles.